Bahubali Run /

May 07, 2017

Bahubali Run

Jaipur Runners Club Invite you to be part of Bahubali Run !

Show your Bahubali in you and dare to run in this Hot weather.

Get Ready for Jaipur Runner's Monthly Long Run - Bahubali Run ... In heat of May, You need to Be Bahubali -Show Bahubali within you and Run with JR's

Race Category - 5Km, 10Km, 21Km

It's May, the month of abundant sunshine !

Time to catch up with friends, make new ones, meet the wonderful volunteers along the way, cool down and have a blast!!

Reporting time 21km - 4.50am

Start time 21km - 5.00am

Reporting time 10km- 6.05am

Start time 10 km - 6.15 am

Reporting time 5km - 6.20am

Start time 5km - 6.30am

A fee of Rs 50/- will be collected from every runner towards support costs being incurred... Water, Banana, Oranges, etc.

All runners are requested to register themselves. This is necessary for logistics purposes.

Please Note: Join the run only if you're in regular training and have done the distance before. In any case, all runners run at their own risk and take responsibility for themselves.

:: Photographers to Capture Running Moments.
:: Be careful while crossing the Roads.
:: Don't run if you are medically unfit.

Registration Closed !