नौ दिन, 9 रन /

September 21-29, 2017

नौ दिन, 9 रन

Jaipur Runners Invite you to be part of JR's नौ दिन, 9 रन !

9 KM Everyday from Sep. 21, 2017 (First Navratri) to Sep. 29, 2017 (Last navratri)

Route: It can be any route of Your Choice in Your City.

Time: Every time is run time.

Different cities, different climate, different runners but same aim and that is Run, Run and Run. Let's celebrate this Navratri by Running 9KM every day. Starting from 21 Sept 2017 till 29 Sept. Post run every day runner has to post his/her pic on FB / Insta / Twitter etc by using #AUBankJaipurMarathon / #ninthedition / #jaipurunners and will be tagging pages/accounts (AU Bank Jaipur Marathon, Jaipur Runners). Surely you will be getting good health, fitness, stamina and you might get a gift too from AU Bank Jaipur Marathon.

Registrations Closed !